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Powerhubs mobile power supply for multiple devices (8)

iPod / iPhone
Mobile power supply. Built-in battery for independent charging of up to 8 mobile devices. 230V and USB charging capability in the pillar. Recharge or continuous charge with one power supply socket in the floor or wall.

Mobile power supply unit

A Powerhub and Powerkore offer mobility in power supply. Mobile power and charging points are an ideal mobile portable and versatile power supply for laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and smartphones. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with the tablet portable power supply pillar. Work anywhere on a tablet and at the same time charge via regular power (220v) and / or USB.

Properties of mobile power supply unit for tablets

A Powerhub fits perfectly in the middle of a group of tables or in a lounge corner with soft seating. The mobile power supply can be found in classrooms, team rooms, OLCs, learning areas, reception rooms and lounge areas. For projects where additional power outages or power connections are required with the use of modern learning tools such as tablets and smartphones. The Powerhub has enough power for 8 tablets, the Powerkore for 6 tablets.

Applications of Laptop power socket and Tablet power acces point

The use of mobile devices in schools is increasing. At the same time, students work on varying places and arrangements. In many buildings there is an insufficient quantity of sockets to facilitate this. The portable laptop power supply is especially developed to solve this problem.

Powerhubs are increasingly used in education, it's an easy way to use multiple students to use their laptop or other mobile device and charge it through one point. With the built-in NIMH battery, PowerHubs offers a mobile power station connection with 230V and USB rechargeable device. The hub itself is charged through an outlet in the floor or wall.

Applications of powerpacks for tablets

Charging of multiple devices simultaneously without power socket. A capacity of 5,200 mAh can charge up to 3x big smartphones up to 100%. Led indicator lights indicate the remaining power level. The ideal solution for charging your device on the go, you'll never be left with an empty device.

Advantages of a portable tablet powerpack.

The external battery for tablets is protected with multi-layer protection. Sustainable and long lasting battery life thanks to premium battery cells. Suitable for all Apple and Android devices.



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