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Self-docking multi device charging station for tablets (2)

Insert the handheld into one of the slots and the dock will automatically connect to the device. Charging starts automatically. With MDM, programming apps and reading out data which is on a tablet is easy.

Use of self docking tablet charging station for charging multiple tablets

Tablets are easily placed in one of the slots of a tablet dock. The special cases ensure a good connection between the tablet and the lightning connector or USB connector for safe and fast charging of the handheld devices. Suitable for iPod, iPhone and mini tablets. In restaurants and hotels where orders are taken with a handheld device like an iPod this is a great solution and management tool. 

Benefits of an auto-dock charging station for tablets.

There are multi iPad docking charging stations that also have a sync function besides the charging function. Connect to a network or PC and simultaneous programming of the handhelds is easy and fast.  Docking stations are available with special protective cases, this tablet case protects the tablet and allows a perfect fix between the tablet's lightning connector and the iPad's lighting port. No cables, always a cleaned desk. Easy peasy!


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Kiwi Box charge station desktop 4 Apple devices
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Kiwi Box charge station desktop 2 Apple devices
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