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Tablet storage sideboard for storing, charging and synchronising tablet computers (23)

iPod / iPhone
Tablet lockers are a practical, secure and lockable charging, sync and storage solution for tablets and iPads. Equipped with key or code lock, cable management and anchoring option.

Applicability charging station for tablets

Storage of tablet computers with a tablet dock locker. A fixed storage solution for mobile devices. The doors are lockable and secured with key or numeric code lock. Shielded power socket compartment for charging adapters. Only a short cable end leads to the storage compartment. Cables for Android and all iPad models are useable. Single device compartments use LED indicators to show availability of the charge and storage compartment. Charges faster than conventional chargers. Practical and competitively priced storage furniture for schools, healthcare and businesses.

Advantages of tablet charging cupboard for tablet computers

Designed for school the furniture has been developed with teachers and students. Solid cupboards which are built up from steel, HPL / Trespa and laminated MDF materials. The material is chosen to fit in the typical layout and colour schemes of a classroom. Secure storage while charging the costly tablets and iPads. Protected from theft in an iPad or tablet locker.

After the lesson, the students return the tablets in place and connect them to the power supply of the cabinet for automatic recharging.

Properties of storage charging sideboard for tablets

  • Lockable doors.
  • The doors can be opened up to 270 degrees or sliding doors can be folded or pushed up invisibly.
  • Cupboard holds all iPads, iPad Minis as well as most Android and Microsoft tablets.
  • Accommodation of tablet PCs with protective covers.
  • Sequential charge to avoid overvoltage.


  • Zioxi
  • Parotec-IT
  • Leba
  • Parat
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Parat charge & sync U10 Cube for 10 iPads and tablets 9"-11"
€750,99 *
(€908,70 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge cabinet for 10 smartphones
€1.028,99 *
(€1.245,08 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charging cabinet for 16 smartphones and iPods till 6"
€1.075,99 *
(€1.301,95 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge cabinet for 16 tablets in kids cases
€1.159,99 *
(€1.403,59 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge & sync cabinet for 32 iPads and tablets
€2.514,99 *
(€3.043,14 Incl. tax)
Parotec-IT charge WL5 wandkast for 5 iPads and tablets 9"-11"
€611,99 *
(€740,51 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge & sync cabinet for 16 iPads and tablets
€1.624,99 *
(€1.966,24 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge cabinet for 40 smartphone, iPod with code lock
€1.838,99 *
(€2.225,18 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge cabinet for 40 smartphone, iPod with sleutelslot
€1.440,99 *
(€1.743,60 Incl. tax)
Zioxi charge cabinet wallmount for 10 iPads and 9"-11" tablets
€823,99 *
(€997,03 Incl. tax)
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