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Mobile storage, charging and sync cabinet for tablets (17)

Tablet cabinet equipped with wheels; tablet carts are the hassle free secure and lockable charging, sync and storage solution for tablets. With safety lock and anchoring possibilities.

Usage of mobile charging cabinet for tablets

Storage of tablet computers with versatile tablet charger solutions. Maneuverable storage solution for mobile handheld devices such as tablets and iPads. The cabinet is lockable with key or numeric lock. A separate locked compartment with sockets for charging adapters. Only a short cable-end leads to the storage slot. Compact, practical and inexpensive storage furniture for schools, healthcare and businesses.

Advantages of tablet charging carts for tablet computers

Developed and designed in cooperation with teacher and student, the carts and cabinets are very suitable for use in schools. Made of durable materials such as steel, HPL / Trespa and laminated MDF the solutions are built to last even with intensive daily usage. The material is designed for the typical layout and colours are set to fit into a classroom. Tablets and iPads are protected from theft in the secured storage solution with key lock.  

Tablet computers can recover from the hard day of schooling! Tablet docking carts provide a secure storage whilst charging.

Features of storage cart for tablet PCs

  • A free compartment can be used for the master laptop.
  • Soft castor wheels allow easy maneuvering of the cart while moving it.
  • Lockable doors.
  • Castor wheels with brakes.
  • The doors can be opened up to 270 degrees.
  • The slots take all iPads, iPad Minis, Android and Microsoft tablets.
  • Accommodation of tablet PCs with protective covers.
  • Sequential charge to avoid overvoltage.



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€1.447,99 *
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Parat charge & sync i32 carts for 32 iPads and tablets
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Zioxi charge & sync cabinet with wheels for 32 iPads or tablets
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€1.581,99 *
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€2.691,99 *
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Leba Charge TabletCart Classic for 32 iPads and Tablets
€2.031,99 *
(€2.458,71 Incl. tax)
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