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Tablet transport en store, sync and charge cases and trolleys (29)

iPod / iPhone
Tablet cases for secure charging, storage and transportation of mobile devices for business, educational and professional purposes.

Advantages of tablet storage and charge cases

In today's world, a stable case for storing and transporting tablets or iPads is indispensable. Durable outerwear for protection against bumping. A soft and fully equipped interior to protect the fragile tablets adequately. Besides the protection, suitcases that are compact, comfortable and durable. Tablet cases are also the perfect solution to recharge the tablets after intensive use with integrated charging and synchronization technology.

Use of tablet charging trolley cases

The cases are equipped with wheels, which allows the case to be moved easily. With brakes, the wheels are locked to prevent driving away while tablets are removed from the trolley case and while placed back in the transport trolley for tablets. The pull-out handle provides a comfortable grip. Fixed handles on the sides for secure lifting.

The materials used are extremely robust. The suitcases can withstand loads with heavy weights without any problems. Suitcases are provided with different capacities. There are 10, 12, 16, 20, 32 compartments for Apple, Android and Windows tablets. Or big compartments when extra thick bumper cases are used with the tablets. Also laptops and notebooks up to 15.6 "fit into the durable and lockable notebook carrying case, as well as the padded case. With a padlock or a key-lockable closure for added protection thus preventing unwanted opening and theft.

Features of portable charging case for tablet PCs and portable computers

Choose the appropriate functionality: charge only to charge tablets and iPads in a suitcase, or charging with synchronization function. Synchronization means you can program, transfer and delete your tablets and iPads with cables on a master network computer. Tablets and iPads can simultaneously charge while data and apps on tablets is managed. You need a Mobile Device Management Software (MDM) to this. 

Tablet Chargers are available with a central USB charger / sync device on the right side. From USB charging points, you can easily route the original power cables or optional extra-strong power cables with charge status LED indication to each compartment. Mobile USB charging stations for tablet computers offer 5 volts / 2.4 amps per port. Chargers for charging tablets are strong, and fast. 

For mobile computers, Chromebooks and laptops, mobile charging solutions are provided with a compartment for placing the adapters with 2 or 3-pin power connections.

Tablet covers are provided with different formats. All Apple, Android and Windows tablets fit into the charging cases.

Features Tablet charge and sync flight case with  wheels

Transport case and charge & sync
High-power USB charger
Power connection on the right side for charging with the cover closed
Cables are fixed and guided through lining

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Parotec-IT charge C692 case for 12 iPad's and tablets till 10.2"
€990,00 SRP €880,99 *
(€1.066,00 Incl. tax)
Bravour Trolley case Valigia
€249,00 SRP €199,00 *
(€240,79 Incl. tax)
Parat charge & sync U16S trolley case for tablets in black
€1.440,99 *
(€1.743,60 Incl. tax)
Parotec-IT charge C13 case for 8 Notebooks
€1.216,99 *
(€1.472,56 Incl. tax)
Parotec-IT charge & sync C692 case for 12 iPad's and tablets till 10.2"
€1.049,39 SRP €978,99 *
(€1.184,58 Incl. tax)
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