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About us

Tabletdockshop is a webshop of Bravour Webshops BV.

Specialist in tablet management solutions

The online shop is a specialist in storage, charging and synchronising multiple mobile and handheld devices like iPads, tablets and notebooks in a key-lockable cart, closet, case, trolley or box.

Charge while storing. Synchronising and programming of apps, data, educational programs and files. All-round management of Apple iPads, iPods, eReaders, Samsung, Microsoft, and other brands. iOS, Android & Windows operating systems. Example purposes education, companies, seminars, surveys, training, scholarships and presentations.

Mobile Device Management

Solutions and products that enable multiple mobile devices to be managed and transported safely. Under management, it means simultaneously charging and synchronising e.g. iPad's and ensuring the security of use and data transfer. Mobile Device Management software (MDM) allows you to easily manage multiple iPads and tablets.

For questions, contact us via chat, email or call us. Receive free expert advice and advice from the service department. The team with extended expert knowledge are there for you.

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Bravour Webshops is an international Dutch based webshop company. From the central warehouse in the Benelux near Eindhoven Airport your orders are processed, shipments are prepared and shipped. TE Webshops has specialist shops and omnium shops with a wide range of presentation and visualisation tools.

  • Lecterns
  • Exhibition furniture
  • Pulpits
  • Tablet displays
  • Tablet kiosks *
  • Tablet Stands *
  • Tablet holders *
  • Storage, charging, synchronisation and transport devices for mobile and handheld devices.
    * For all sizes brands and types of tablets including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft

Bravour Webshops has shops in Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French languages. Our customers are worldwide spread over the globe.