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Travelling around the globe and beyond with Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR). Discover VR Google Expeditions and Google AR expeditions with ready-to-use all-in-one kits. Virtual reality solution for the extra dimension in presentation to be imple

Applying virtual reality kits in schools and in educations

Virtual reality literally means unreal reality; through a three-dimensional image in a special pair of glasses, the image that is recorded is lifelike. How cool is it to look around between the pyramids of Giza, or to walk between the coral of Great Barrier Reef? And that in the same space?! More and more schools have a VR kit to give the teaching material an extra dimension and with a personal experience. 

History lessons become experiences by going on an expedition with VR glasses to a historical battle, an active volcano, a construction site or an archaeological site. See and imagine yourself between microorganisms, complex datasets, or mathematical figures. VR gives teachers and pupils the opportunity to delve three dimensionally into abstract teaching material, which would otherwise be difficult to imagine.

Use and benefits of virtual reality kits as teaching material 

In principle, everything can be made in virtual reality, the techniques are still developing very quickly, so new possibilities arise every day. Many interesting VR applications are already available, various kits can be used directly in education and business.

Google Expeditions is one of the best-known and a very full-fledged application, in which social interaction has also been carefully considered. Using WiFi, an existing network or a local network built into the VR kit case, all the glasses the students look into are in the same virtual environment and they have an experience with the whole class. In addition, the teacher can use a tablet to point out interesting parts of the environment, after which arrows are shown to the students. In this way a teacher can link the lesson material to the curriculum in a meaningful way.

Virtual Reality as presentation tool

Virtual reality can also be used as a tool to show designs. For example, in the middle of the public road where a renovation and refurbishment is planned, the user can see through the glasses. Instead of the old misery, the user sees the new layout and feels the atmosphere it evokes. 

This is also very interesting for training courses where 3D design is used. Walk around a car or building that is not there. It sounds abstract, and it is. That's what is meant by fake reality. Design academies offer students the opportunity to show their newly designed product in VR to clients and companies.

Interior designers and architecture students can let visitors walk in a building designed by them in SketchUp or AutoCAD to give an impression of the atmosphere of their idea.

Kits with 360 degree cameras bring the professional practice into the classroom by loading the shots into the program. 

With the new generation of teaching methods in which toddlers already have an enormous media literacy, it is important that pupils get in touch with and accustomed to this kind of new technology throughout the entire school route from primary school to university.

Not only is gaming in VR very cool, but the unprecedented possibilities that go beyond the power of imagination are important for learning. It is also important to learn how to deal with it responsibly. They are also introduced to all kinds of other areas of application and are able to think about new applications themselves. By allowing the pupils to experiment with the creation of virtual reality content themselves, they experience that they are more than just a consumer, and that they can be a creator themselves. 

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